A Course of Love Book Study

A Course of Love Book Study

First Receiver; Mari Perron

This is the Next Step in Your Spiritual Evolution



A Course of Love Book Exploration with Kimberly Renollet Heck.
  This text is incredible for everyone and very easy to jump in at any time.
  No need to have the book.
  We are meeting via Zoom and you can join in with computer or phone.
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This Course was written for the mind - but only to move the mind

to appeal to the heart. To move it to listen. ...To move to

cease its resistance. To mystery, its quest for answers, and to

shift its focus to the truth and away from what can be learned only by the mind.


We are one heart. We are one mind. Joined in wholeheartedness

we are the heaven of the world. We replace bitterness with

sweetness. We dwell in the reality of the one heart, creation's

birthplace, Birthplace of the new.


The new is love's expression. The new is yet to be created, one

Heart to one heart.


This is a Course for the heart. The birthplace of the new

-ACOL, introduction.



Facilitator:  Kimberly Renollet Heck

Love Offering:  $10